BrainPop ELL

Students are given a placement test assessing their knowledge of the English language. Based on results, students are assigned lessons at their level. Requires a subscription, however it’s currently free.


Each day, Wonderopolis poses an intriguing question like ‘Why didn’t Canada Buy Alaska?’ Great for families that are learning together, or for teachers to provide a daily, low-bandwidth literacy activity.

Microsoft Accessibility

An overview of tools for microsoft users the can be enabled to support vision, hearing, neurodiversity, and more, as well as classroom accessibility blog.

Google G-Suite Accessibility

This site provides a clear, app-by-app description of available supports, including Gmail, Docs, Classroom, and more. A quick reference chart allows for an overview of features available by app.

Goal Plan

Clear. simple template students can use to map out their own learning goals.

Goal Tracker

Downloadable form to facilitate communication between student, family, and school staff about goal progress.

Strategies for Learning at Home

Tips and tricks for caregivers working with students at home including organization, time management, attention, and memory.