Professional Book Studies

Creating Virtual Book Clubs Across Alaska — As lifelong readers and leaders, we know the value of reading and learning together at the student level, but rarely do we get the chance to read and learn together as leaders from any segment of the Alaskan community. We are committed to change this by inviting you to join one of four professional book studies that will include personal interaction with the authors. Bringing Alaskans together with the authors to stretch and challenge our thinking to be forward looking so we can all be better prepared to support our students’ learning is our goal.

Registration for UAA credit: Supporting Student Learning Through Collaborative Professional Studies.

Do yourself a favor and refresh, renew and reconnect with your colleagues through learning and discussing one of the following books in our professional book study.

For more details, see the FAQ below.

** Register for one of the Tuesday options and/or one of the Thursday options. Limited to two Professional Book Studies total.**

The Distance Learning Playbook

Tuesdays 3:30-5pm
Oct 6 - Nov 10

How do you set up a virtual classroom for success? How do you plan for student engagement and impact in any setting? What are some formats for ensuring you reach all students with your lesson plans? How do you provide teacher clarity from a distance? Explore these and many other high-interest topics.

“To be clear, the pandemic teaching of 2020 was really not distance learning. It was also not homeschooling, which is a choice parents make for specific reasons. It was crises teaching. Now we have time to be more purposeful and intentional with distance learning” (Hattie, 2018).

This professional book study is closed.

Science Curriculum Topic Study

Tuesdays 3:30-5pm
Oct 6 - Nov 10

This book addresses the needs of teachers at every level in their teaching careers, as well as those who support teachers. We will introduce processes, organizers and models that can be used to guide professional learning and teaching not only applied to science, but applicable in other subjects as well.

“Engage students in applying content, science and engineering practices and crosscutting concepts within concepts, and they will develop a scientifically-based and coherent view of the natural and designed world.”

This professional book study is closed.

Cultivating Genius

Thursdays 3:30-5pm
Oct 1 - Nov 5

Gholdy Muhammad is a Master Teacher. She has an unmatched ability to articulate why literacy is important beyond the surface of learning how to read and write as a necessary tool for justice, equity and a world where the humanity and dignity of those pushed to the edges of society are front and center. She espouses that literacy is not just about reading words on the page, but it also carries some sort of action. Reading and writing are transformative acts that improve self and society.

“Literacy was connected to acts of self-empowerment, self-determination, and self-liberation. Literacy was not just for self-enjoyment or fulfillment, it was tied to actions and efforts to shape the sociopolitical landscape…” (referring to original literary groups)

This professional book study is closed.

Every Child a Super Reader

Thursdays 3:30-5pm
Oct 1 - Nov 5

These literary experts maintain that when we build on students’ key strength and immerse them in an intellectually invigorating, emotionally nurturing literature-rich community we grow super readers who consume texts with passion, understanding and a critical eye.

“Foundational skills such as decoding, gaining phonemic awareness and learning vocabulary, are crucial to the reading process, but they must be taught with purposeful content.”

This professional book study is closed.



When will these book studies take place?
All groups will occur from 3:30 to 5:00 on Tuesday or Thursday beginning in October and running for 6 weeks, plus a conversation with the author which will be scheduled in the sessions.

Will I have to pay to join or pay for the book?
No, the book studies are free and the ebooks or paper book will be provided for you at no cost.

Can I join more than one book club?
Register for one of the Tuesday options and/or one of the Thursday options. Limited to two Professional Book Studies total..

Do I have to read the whole book?
No. The participants will likely focus on one or two chapters at a time.

Can I get credit for participating?
Yes. Details to come soon!

How do I get my book and the zoom link for the meetings?
Within 24 hours of registration, you will receive an email with more information on how to get a free copy of the book. You’ll also receive a calendar invite that includes a Zoom link for the meetings.