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Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center in Alaska

Multi-disciplinary distance learning lesson plans and activities reflecting the values, knowledge, and lifeways of Alaska Native peoples; and community videos section documenting and teaching Alaska Native traditions.

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AASB Alaska At-Home Resources

Resources for Parents and Educators with Students at Home. AASB has provided a list of online resources that can help, as well as numerous companies offering their platforms and materials for free. Updated frequently.

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Amplify Resources

(Grades K-5) – Science, Reading, Writing, Social Studies – Video Lessons, reading guides, guided skills practice

Read Aloud Lessons

Students go on a journey through American history to learn about Colonial America and how the United States became a nation, watching videos, listening to read-alouds, and discovering new words.


Curated lists of educational resources for teachers and families.

Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Investigate prehistoric times and discover what a fossil dig looks like and design a dig site to find dinosaur bones. Scroll to the end to find Alaska specific content!


Each day, Wonderopolis poses an intriguing question like ‘Why didn’t Canada Buy Alaska?’ Great for families that are learning together, or for teachers to provide a daily, low-bandwidth literacy activity.

The Kennedy Center

Lesson plans sorted by grade levels, subjects, and duration. As an Alaskan teacher, this site is one of my favorites for learning any content paired with critical/creative thinking skills.

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Khan Academy

An essential resource for instructional math videos with built-in checks for understanding. You can also find content area videos and daily schedules for remote learning at all grade levels.