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PBL: An Aquatic Environment Unit

This Project-Based Learning unit begins with a field trip to a local pond to launch students into their project. Students will choose a topic that is important to them aimed to help preserve or protect the environment.

HyperDoc Templates

The HyperDoc templates below contain different methodologies; however, the main methodology stems from the 5E model.

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Sea Grant Alaska

Alaska Seas and Watersheds teaching activities, developed by Alaska teachers, provide high-quality lesson plans and units. Complete and ready to use, aligned with Alaska state science standards.

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COVID-19 Curriculum Materials

Activities to help build scientific literacy about COVID-19 through modeling and simulation of virus spread. Includes activities that address the social impacts of the virus and considering it through multiple lenses.

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Flatten the Curve

Activity with free software download to model natural phenomena such as the epidemiology of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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HG Helix

Activities, videos, and educational support materials for teaching during the pandemic. Includes sections on COVID-19.

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Covering COVID-19

Resource hub from the Smithsonian Magazine featuring in-depth explainers, basic virology lessons, virtual travel stories and historical analysis.