Bring content to life for students with supplemental videos, animations, and simulations. These multimedia resources allow students to visualize complex concepts.

NASA Stem Engagement

Interested in playing an astronaut simulation game or reading to discover more about planets? The image of the day offers great inspiration for writing similes and metaphors.

My Project Menu

Students choose what they want to learn, how to go about learning it, and how to share their learning. This learning contract was designed for K-4 students and is adaptable.


Education.com offers independent student packets for at-home learning for pre-school-grade 5. They also have online games and weekly boosts to review skills. For those off-line, there are printables available.

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Scholastic – Learn At Home

Day to Day learning resources from Scholastic! Included in the lessons are a short read aloud, an online interactive lesson and many printables to further enhance the lesson!

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BrainPop Jr.

Lots of fun, educational games and activities for young learners. Alaska’s teachers have full access.

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Discovery Education

The easiest grab and go resource here are the ‘Daily DE’ activities, organized by grade band. Dive deeper to explore their virtual learning platform or just search for activities.

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Math Antics

Engaging video lessons that are great for visual learners. One Alaskan teacher said “I’ve integrated these videos with EdPuzzle and my Google Classroom and absolutely love them!”