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AASB Alaska At-Home Resources

Resources for Parents and Educators with Students at Home. AASB has provided a list of online resources that can help, as well as numerous companies offering their platforms and materials for free. Updated frequently.

Adapted Printable

Activities and worksheets for beginning math, early literacy, and executive functioning skills. Engaging, hands-on tasks that explore foundational concepts. Free, but requires an email registration to access the resources.

Reading Strategies and Supports

Detailed lesson plans, including materials, for building reading skills. Topics include phonemic awareness, fluency, comprehension, and more.

BrainPop ELL

Students are given a placement test assessing their knowledge of the English language. Based on results, students are assigned lessons at their level. Requires a subscription, however it’s currently free.

UDL Guidelines

An overview of Universal Design for Learning, planning lessons and activities based on multimodal instruction and multiple intelligences. Site includes specific strategies for differentiating lessons for Engagement, Representation, and Expression.

UDL Checklist

A lens to promote access for all learners. Slowly embed supports by altering one or two checkpoints to open access points for students with different learning styles, preferences, or needs.

Microsoft Accessibility

An overview of tools for microsoft users the can be enabled to support vision, hearing, neurodiversity, and more, as well as classroom accessibility blog.