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ACPE Free-Resources PDF

The ACPE early college awareness programs and resources help Pre-K through eighth grade students explore their interests and open their minds to a multitude of college and career options.

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AASB Alaska At-Home Resources

Resources for Parents and Educators with Students at Home. AASB has provided a list of online resources that can help, as well as numerous companies offering their platforms and materials for free. Updated frequently.

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Get your child excited about learning and solving problems! Funexpected Math is an interactive environment, that embeds findings in educational neuroscience into digital learning games for children aged 3 to 7. Printable downloads are available as well. – PreK-2nd

Read Aloud Lessons

Students go on a journey through American history to learn about Colonial America and how the United States became a nation, watching videos, listening to read-alouds, and discovering new words.


Curated lists of educational resources for teachers and families.

Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Investigate prehistoric times and discover what a fossil dig looks like and design a dig site to find dinosaur bones. Scroll to the end to find Alaska specific content!

Adapted Printable

Activities and worksheets for beginning math, early literacy, and executive functioning skills. Engaging, hands-on tasks that explore foundational concepts. Free, but requires an email registration to access the resources.

Social Skills Games

Interactive simulations to develop self-regulation, independent living, and social skills. Note: The site is hosted by Australian universities so game characters have Australian accents.

Anxiety Management Strategies

An article detailing techniques for reducing anxiety, including breathing exercises, visualization, and journaling.